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Things To Keep in Mind While Purchasing Examination Couches

Hospitals or clinics are places where people come seeking safety, comfort, and relief from their medical conditions. As a trusted medical facility, you should make sure that the facilities you provide your patients are the best. One of the important among these is the examination couches.

Examination couches are very important in almost every sector of the health industry. Be it in clinics, casualties of hospitals, wards, rooms, or even the ICU, these couches should support all kinds of tools to make treatment comfortable for both the patients and the medical staff. They should be customizable according to the patient’s needs and should meet all the medical safety standards.

Generally, examination couches are of two types, specialty examination couches, and mobile examination couches. Specialty couches are mostly used in special care rooms like radiology, ICU, imaging rooms, etc. They provide special features and accessories like drop windows, stirrups, etc for the convenience of both the medical staff and the patient. Mobile couches are movable and can be rearranged by caretakers while cleaning the room. Moreover, they can also be adjusted towards any portion of the room for the comfort of the patient.

The quality standards of the examination couches can affect the productivity and image of your service. Moreover, some of the medical consumables suppliers in Dubai may not provide you with the right ones according to industry standards. So, let us look at some of the important aspects to be noted while purchasing an examination couch.

Material Used

Most examination couches are made with high-quality steel. Anyway, you must have an idea of all the raw materials that have been used in manufacturing it. In a standard couch, there are two sections that are fitted to each other. The steel and other materials used should also be durable.


Examination couches are always essential for your hospitals, and thus, you must ensure that the ones you buy are highly durable. For this, the price, lifespan, and maintenance costs of the couch should be calculated. The steel body should be painted with quality paints to extend its durability.

Elevation Adjustment

While treatment, doctors want their patients to be in specific postures to carefully examine them. In some cases, the patient has to be supported with an elevated back. Thus, make sure that the couches you select have all the features to comfortably treat a patient of any height, weight, or condition.


A standard examination couch should fulfill the storage of tools, medicines, and other immediate medical accessories. Make sure that there are enough storage spaces, which do not disturb the patients, medical staff, or the treatment in any way.


Examination couches should be customizable to meet your requirements. Gynecologists need couches that support stirrups, and surgeons may need drawers on them to store tools and other medical equipment. Everything should be customized according to the nature, mode, and section of treatment.

It is true that standard quality examination couches are slightly expensive than normal ones. But their durability is going to save you a lot of money in the long run for sure. Thus, choosing an examination couch must be solely based on the features that they provide.