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    As a leading general trading company in Dubai, Avensia acts as a storehouse of many general products and materials which is used for maintenance works. The real focal point of our organization is the selling of industrial products and services along with other products like Construction Materials. You will be able to get the whole construction and maintenance materials under an umbrella.

    There are many general products which we require in our day to day life in both construction works and household works. Avensia satisfy your needs by providing the highly equipped and good quality products only. Being a top general trading company in Dubai, we provide products from top brands like Molykote, Gleitmo, VARTA, SKF etc for construction works. Along with these, we trade many general products like integrated solar street lights, Neoparies crystallized glass panel, Electrical tapes, disinfectants, jump starters, lead-acid batteries, thermostats etc. Due to our increased sale in the printer, toner, and cartridges our cartridge heaters are also on great sale and demand. The high-quality fire resistant cables are useful in both household works as well as construction works that ensure protection and safety. Like the disinfectants, the liquid hand wash which we trade is in great demand for its hygiene and germs removing ability. Loctite 406 is another highest selling product which has the best adhesive quality that can bond plastics and rubbers immediately. Other than above, Avensia trades a wide range of high-quality useful materials for the construction works in our everyday life.

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    Avensia group of companies have started with its full operations in Dubai – the United Arab Emirates in various commodities, serving customers in UAE, Middle East, Africa, Indian sub-continent the Far East and Europe. The area of the services includes General Trading, Information Technology, Facility Management and Technical Solutions.

    The group is built with an amalgam of qualified professionals on board and advanced technology in hand. Our management team with decades of experience in the fields always leads our hordes on the right track to offer you great services. Our proficient and qualified team of employees always assures our clients receive the best services and solutions from our company. In all our services we use the cutting edge technologies to make sure our customers are receiving the best solutions.