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    Architectural metal works and Gold plating

    Our architectural metal works team with great expertise can offer you reliable services for supporting in the assembling of individual metal parts or for creating large-scale structures. Our metal works are reliable and unfailing. We also deliver customized gold plating services for our clients and can satisfy any specific plating requirements.  We consistently perform different pre and post plating works and makes sure the metal parts are free from dirt and other surface contaminants.

    AVENSIA Systems for Architectural Metal Works and Gold Plating

    We are very particular to provide attractive and robust architectural metal finishes for all types of projects such as furniture, residential, hospitality, products, commercial and retail. Avensia’s gold plating metal works are very unique and we provide the gold plating services for any metals such as copper, bronze, nickel, or silver. Many of our work in gold is for the architectural sector including hotel interiors and luxury apartments

    We have done different major works all over Dubai specified by leading architects, interior designers, product designers and commercial and industrial clients. We make a cordial connection with our clients and we take the inputs and ideas from them to make the ideas and concepts into beautiful metal realities