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    House Keeping Services

    All the basic and advanced housekeeping and cleaning facilities are provided by Avensia for the maintenance of Apartments, Flats, Offices, Hotels and other building properties on daily basis and monthly basis. We offer services like Carpet Shampooing, One Day Cleaning (Pre and Post Construction), Façade Cleaning Glass, and also Acp (External and Internal). We also offer you Walkway and Driveway including Pest control.

    • Carpet shampooing
    • One Day Cleaning
    • Façade Cleaning Glass
    • Acp etc… ( External and internal)
    • Pest control
    • External Walk way & Driveway

    AVENSIA Systems for House Keeping Services

    Avensia is known for its housekeeping services in Dubai, is also a leading provider of diversified housekeeping services and offers the entire facilities tailor-made to your need and wallet. We are strongly committed to providing personal, flexible, professional, and preferential housekeeping services in Dubai which suits your requirement. We have a group of professional team at Avensia whose background is strictly validated and verified.

    Our housekeeping services in Dubai are driven by customer satisfaction, and we strictly adhere to environment friendly practices.  We hold a wide range of experience spanning decades in the line of business providing effective cleaning services and maintenance solutions. We also preferably use electronic methods available in the market to make the services hassle-free