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    Steel Fabrication

    We offer the best steel fabrication products and services that you require for any construction or maintenance work. We use only the finest steel for cutting, bending, and assembling processes. We provide the fabrication services at very competitive prices and are best known for its quality and reliability.  We deal with an array of services in steel fabrication including structural and stainless steel fabrication, wastewater treatment, aluminum and steel structure fabrication, waste skips & garbage chutes, pipe fittings, repair works etc.

    AVENSIA Systems for Steel Fabrication IT Equipments

    In Avensia, a general trading company in Dubai, we exclusively specialize in heavy structural steel fabrication and architecturally exposed structural steel projects. We also do smaller projects according to the needs of our customers.

    Whether it’s scheduling, value-engineering ideas, budgeting, or steel availability updates our initial involvement in your project will make your job easier, and also helps to lower your risk and increase both your profitability and your competitive advantage

    We definitely know the importance of steel that should be delivered on time in order to get the quantity and price to our customers. Detailed analyzing of project and budget management, lead our schedule-driven approach to stay on top of every aspect of your project from beginning to the end that helps our customers to eliminate unwelcomed surprises.