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    We engage in trading and assembling of stationary items. As one of the leading general trading companies in Dubai, Avensia offer a various exhibit of products like revolving stand, magnetic chalk writing board, staplers, file folders, paper pads, envelops etc. The products are easy to hold and have a trendy appeal. Customized products are also available in exclusive designs and sizes to meet your individual needs. Regardless of whether you are the owner of a little or an extensive office, it is important that you put resources into getting the best quality office stationary things for your working environment with the goal that your representatives can put their best exertion forward. The effectiveness of a work environment extraordinarily relies upon the nature of the stationary things that are utilized as a part of it.

    Stationary tools are vital for the proficient everyday activity of your office. In order to upgrade the working productivity of your representatives, you ought to furnish them with the best quality stationary things. There are at present various driving stationary manufacturers & suppliers that are capable of providing top quality items for the successful management of your office affairs. When your representatives have best quality office stationary, they can utilize them to keep their work area zones superbly perfect and composed. This cannot just help in expanding proficient yield on a day by day, month to month and yearly premise, however; it can likewise assist the workers with being on track of all assignments as and when required.

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    Avensia group of companies have started with its full operations in Dubai – the United Arab Emirates in various commodities, serving customers in UAE, Middle East, Africa, Indian sub-continent the Far East and Europe. The area of the services includes General Trading, Information Technology, Facility Management and Technical Solutions.

    The group is built with an amalgam of qualified professionals on board and advanced technology in hand. Our management team with decades of experience in the fields always leads our hordes on the right track to offer you great services. Our proficient and qualified team of employees always assures our clients receive the best services and solutions from our company. In all our services we use the cutting edge technologies to make sure our customers are receiving the best solutions.