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    Be smart enough to work with the high-quality printers from the diverse collection of printers, we provide for the effective functioning of your office! A printer is one of the basic and essential devices you need for the smooth functioning of an office that cannot be neglected. A printer can be defined as a peripheral device that creates a persistent readable representation of text, graphics, and images on paper. Every basic printer used in the office is enabled with the abilities to print, scan and copy. Printers and toners are one of the most marketed products in our company.

    As a leading general trading company in Dubai, Avensia Group markets the best, top quality printers and toners for the needy. The selling of top branded printers and toners across the world makes us the best choice for the regular purchasing of printing equipment. We provide a wide collection of advanced printers and toners of top brands like HP, Canon, Toshiba, Samsung, Epson, Kodak, and Brother. Benefits of buying printers and toners from the leading general trading company in Dubai are many as they are highly cost-effective, sells only top branded printers and toners, highly demanded products, the vast collection of latest models of top brands, affordable prices, smartly designed products etc. Being a notable general trading company in Dubai, Avensia focuses on 100% product quality and customer satisfaction than price.

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    Avensia group of companies have started with its full operations in Dubai – the United Arab Emirates in various commodities, serving customers in UAE, Middle East, Africa, Indian sub-continent the Far East and Europe. The area of the services includes General Trading, Information Technology, Facility Management and Technical Solutions.

    The group is built with an amalgam of qualified professionals on board and advanced technology in hand. Our management team with decades of experience in the fields always leads our hordes on the right track to offer you great services. Our proficient and qualified team of employees always assures our clients receive the best services and solutions from our company. In all our services we use the cutting edge technologies to make sure our customers are receiving the best solutions.