All You Need To Know About BP Cuffs

Lifestyle diseases and other health disorders have become more common with the change in our lifestyle, food, living conditions, and many other factors. Among these, blood pressure variations are the most common ones which have an immediate effect on our body.

Blood pressure (BP) is the value of pressure imposed by blood on the walls of blood vessels. BP determines how hard your heart is functioning to fulfill the needs of the body. A sphygmomanometer or blood pressure monitor is the device that is used to measure blood pressure. It consists of an inflatable cuff that is wrapped around the arm, a Mercury or Mechanical Manometer along with a vertical column that contains mercury or a gauge respectively, a rubber ball connected with a pipe to inflate the cuff.

Let us have a look at the different types of BP cuffs

Reusable Cuffs

These are the most popular cuffs used in clinics and hospitals where there is a very low risk of infectious diseases. Made of nylon material, these cuffs ensure longevity, durability, and easy cleaning. Reusable cuffs can be used on many patients every day, which makes it a cost-effective solution for small clinics. The size of reusable cuffs range from Infant to thigh (8 cm to 50 cm)

Disposable Cuffs

Next to reusable cuffs, disposable cuffs are widely used in hospitals where more patients attend. They are mostly made of polyester or vinyl. Hospitals are now the center for the spread of a variety of infectious diseases, generally called hospital-acquired diseases (HAI). Thus, they are turning towards the use of disposable cuffs to ensure the safety of the patients as well as the medical staff. These single-patient use or limited use cuffs are mostly used in emergency rooms, operation theaters, Neonatal units, Intensive care units, etc. Their sizes range from Neonate 1 to thigh (3 cm to 50 cm)

D-Ring Cuffs

These cuffs serve the purpose of a self BP check. Reusable and disposable cuffs can only be used with the assistance of medical experts and putting it on yourself is impossible and ineffective. D-ring cuffs are designed for self-use and you can easily check your blood pressure yourself. They are of great use for home monitoring and for people who have been isolated due to any means.

Automatic Cuffs

The oscillometric method is the principle behind digital or automatic blood pressure monitors. The cuff can be inflated either automatically or manually with the help of a battery operating device. Automatic BP monitors are portable and easy to use. Thus, they are recommended to regular users. Automatic monitors also ensure a great deal of accuracy in determining BP, irregular heartbeat, hypertension, body movements, etc. Make sure you find a reliable medical consumables supplier in UAE to have the best quality automatic BP monitors.

Blood pressure cuffs are very important to ensure proper blood circulation and the well-being of your heart. Whether you are an individual patient, a clinic doctor, or a hospital supervisor, make sure that the cuffs you purchase meet your requirements and provides an easy, safe, and accurate mode of BP monitoring.