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Electro Mechanical Services

Our dedicated Electro Mechanical Services facility contains the latest technology where we provide a comprehensive range of on-site and in-house services to help our customers in the power generation and industrial services. We extend our electro-mechanical services to Plumbing and Sanitation, HVAC, Building Management system, Access Control and Electronic Security System, CCTV etc.  We also offer maintenance services of equipment and systems such as Fire Detection & Fire Fighting, Elevator & Escalator, UPS, and Inverter, Solar System, Internal Fit-outs etc. At Avensia, we maintain a 24/7 emergency line to handle emergencies.

AVENSIA Systems for Electro Mechanical Services

Avensia, one of the fastest growing general trading companies in Dubai, provides you with a wide range of electromechanical services to handle the facilities on your grounds. Not just that, we also stick to the high-quality industrial standards to make sure that our clients get the topmost services at minimal costs and reduced downtime. Basically, the electromechanical maintenance is just not looking after and managing the building systems. It’s about the overall management of assets and conserving the investment our customers have made in their premises/ buildings at regular intervals.

At Avensia, we deliver all the buildings with efficient and safe electromechanical equipment. Due to the different service requirements for every building, we offer flexible programs to fit every application. Our technicians are very particular to make certain that our customers are kept informed of compulsory codes and local requirements.

Electro Mechanical Services

  • Plumbing & Sanitation
  • HVAC
  • Building Management System
  • Access Control and Electronic
  • Security System & CCTV
  • Fire Detection & Fire Fighting
  • Elevator & Escalator Maintenance & Service
  • DG Maintenance & Service
  • UPS and Invertor
  • Solar System Internal Fit-outs
  • Maintaining a 24/7 emergency line to handle emergencies.