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IP Telephonic System - PBX or PABX

The excellent Telephone framework for moving the industry, Avensia group introduces an unusual status in the realm of information technology services and telephone systems. Our services are incomparable in light of the fact that we are ceaselessly taking a stab at perfection. We offer you exceptionally competent support and business telephone systems crosswise the Middle East, UAE, and Africa. We propose the finest telephone system that can take your business to another level. 

AVENSIA Systems for PBX or PABX

The telecommunication changed with Voice over IP phones. The IP phones were using TCP/IP system to convey while conventional telephones utilizing simple lines for correspondence. Additionally, IP telephones enable you to use the same corporate system for communication and information. IP PBX systems from Avensia is what that will suit your requirements the best. Our group of IT engineers ensures that every one of the prerequisites of our worthy clients satisfactorily complies with the services. IP PBX arrangement uses the Data Network for transferring and getting Voice Packets. 

Furthermore, the systems utilize the existing data network infrastructure and reduce the cost. IP PBX system permits an individual to join numerous geologically widen offices into a single telephony system, to suggest free telecommunications for residence and mobile workers. Regardless of whether you are a vast organization or an SME, IP PABX system in Dubai will perform successfully for any sort of setup. It is possible to convert conventional telephones into VoIP telephones utilizing a suitable adapter.

PBX or PABX Brands

  • Cisco Phones
  • Avaya Phones
  • Fanvil Phones
  • Dlink Phones
  • Grandstream Phones
  • Yealink Phones
  • RTC Dect Phones
  • Panasonic Phones
  • NEC Phones
  • Ploycom IP Phones