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General Maintenance

Avensia Home Care & Commercial Care is the best solution for all your emergency problems based on the maintenance of your spaces. We offer property owners and tenant an array of preventive and reactive maintenance services. In addition, we give a wide range of choices for extra services to cater all the requirements our client’s, based on their individual preferences. We offer services such as home cleaning, emergency pest control, furniture and equipment upkeep and all other general maintenance services with a commitment to reliable service and competitive prices. 

AVENSIA Systems for General Maintenance

Avensia, one of the leading general trading companies in Dubai, offers you all the maintenance required to keep your spaces perfect.We at Avensia are highly committed to providing our customers with quality services, which are recognized as the main factors towards the operational successes of our organizations. We will continuously try to improve our processes through self-evaluation, workforce development, and customer input. With these assurances, we will seek to enhance our recognition, develop and maintain in this service industry as an invaluable partner, thereby leading to growth opportunities and an improved marketplace position.

In cooperation with our customers, we work closely to understand exactly what is needed and we provide a transparent, professional, tailored cleaning and maintaining solution. Incorporating a range of service solutions enables the customers to meet their ever-changing needs. Our services provide excellent specialist expertise and knowledge which makes us one of the best general trading companies in Dubai